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August 10, 2012
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LoK OC : Aya by minamino18sayuri LoK OC : Aya by minamino18sayuri
this is my Lok OC.

Aya, age 25, metal bender

DoB: 13 June
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 60 kg
Eye color: grey-blue
Hair color: dark brown

Personality: usually shy, calm, airhead, stubborn.tends to get violent, gets angry fast, loves to fight, can be serious at times.As for her job she is serious about it and proceeds by the book.even if she would love to kick the villain's ass so bad as into place him into a coma, she refrains knowing what's best to do and keeps her sense of justice straight.All her anger usually subdues or gets released in sword training. From time to time she lets her guard down, becoming a normal cheerful person instead of a serious, insensitive person.She can be tomboyish at times, often unorganised(her room looks like subdued to a raid) and likes to give sarcastic replies.She can be annoying sometimes.

Background: she was born into an earthbender family.She got born and raised in Republic City by her parents, who owned a small cafe shop in the heart of the city.They died when she was 5 and since she had no relatives left she got addopted by one of the officers in charge of her case. Ever since then she's been more cold towards people and distrusting.She's been living a normal life though.She has a keen sense of justice and will do whatever she thinks is best to resolve a case or a situation. When she discovered her metal bending ability and learned of the metalbending cops she decided to join their ranks so she trained everyday to hone her ability. At the age of 17 she passes her tests with good grades and enters the Police force of Republic City. She admires the Chief, seeing her as a strong, independent and just woman and takes her as a role model.She didn't meet Korra in person, but she's seen her in action.Her opinion of her is that she is fairly strong and a nice person.

She takes her job seriously and had a few casses that ended in complete success. With time she learned to get rid of her anger towards the evil scums that try to rule the town and do her job right, without getting in anyone's way.

Likes : , peace and quiet, freedom, games, blue sky, water tribe food, cats, honest and kind people, cold weather, the night, summer, funny people, strawberry cake, dragons

Dislikes: heat, stupid people, arrogant people, assholes, jerks, sexists and perverts, injustice, bullies, sticky stuff, getting dirty, immoral and wealthy people who buy their way in, take advantage of others and of their status or escape unpunished, people that harm animals, birds, darkness, insects, needles, drunk people, pranks and some other things...

Hobbies: sword training, metal bending training, drawing(she can somehow draw. some art skills)

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ElweArFeiniel1st 15 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Cool Bender!
I'd love to see her and Kaida go at it in a battle they both seem to have somewhat of a well similar personality
sure I guess. when i'll be free. i'm so busy in this period. ;u;
Oh I'm not asking Lol I would just like to see it you don't have to do it I understand if your busy
oh. i see. sorry. i got many things going on right now. ;w;
Oh it's okay dear I understand ^^ just relax okay take five minutes out of your day and just lay down and relax
i'm relaxing more than working :'D
Oh wow! A metalbending cop!  She looks great, and that uniform is so spot on accurate.  Great job!
thank you ouo though it's probably not as accurate as i'd like to
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